KM Hawaii Aloha Yogi


11 x 31" 5", 220 Liters Volume

Oversized deck plugs for gear mounting

Durable BOLLISTECH construction

Full deck pad

Natural/Blue Colour

Perfect For

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Brand: KM Hawaii

Model: Aloha Yogi

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SKU: 000-5011-631-110-2

KM Hawaii - 11' x 31" Aloha Yogi All Around Standup Paddle Board was introduced to our lineup to provide the perfect super durable and stable beginner board that can do it all. Our Bollistech™ coating technology creates a protective shell that can absorb a beating beyond what our craziest team riders can dish out. The wider outline keeps you on your board and the extra volume is great for riders up to 280 lbs. With forward deck plugs for attaching gear and deck pad extended to the tail, the Aloha can be your yoga board in the morning, take you exploring along the shore in the afternoon and be ready to snag some surf for sunset. The user friendly Aloha is featured in the rental fleets of our dealers, so you know the stability and durability is top notch.

Product Features:

- Oversized deck plugs for gear attachment

- Diamond Groove deck pad

- Ergo carry handle

- Single fin

- Gore-Tex Vent Plug

- Ajustable Fiberglass Paddle 70" - 83" @ 28oz.

- Coil Leash

About Construction:

Bollistech™ is a cutting edge Polycarbonate fiberglass hybrid process, used over the epoxy foam and fiberglass core. The process creates a protective shell with ballistic properties that greatly increases the durability and impact resistance of the board.

Board Features:


Diamond Groove EVA deck pad

The Diamond Groove deck pad provides superior traction from the precision laser cut design.

Internal Ergo Handle

The Internal Handle is an ergonomically curved, reach in handle that allows for a better grip on your board and reduces finger fatigue when carrying further distances.


Gore-Tex Vent Plug

The waterproof Gore-Tex vent allows air to move in and out of the board due to temperature or altitude changes. The vent has been factory installed and does not need to be removed.

Oversized Deck Plug System

The perfect size for easily attaching bungee to carry extra cargo. The oversized deck plugs also accommodate the RAM Leash Plug Adapter with 1" Ball. From there you customize your board with everything from fishing rod holders, GoPro or phone mounts or cup holders.

KM Hawaii - 11' x 31" Aloha All Around Standup Paddle Board


Construction BOLLISTECH
Attachment Points Front and Rear Oversized Deck Plugs
Fins Included Surf Style 9"
Fin Box Center 10"
Hull Type Planing
Rider Weight Capacity 260
Speed Rating 6 out of 10
Durability Rating 8 out of 10
Stability Rating 9 out of 10
Capacity Rating 7 out of 10
Flatwater Rating 8 out of 10
Surf Rating 7 out of 10
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days

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