Fish Stalker Inflatable Fishing Standup Paddle Board


  • 3 Chamber catamaran design
  • 12' long x 34" wide Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Threaded inserts fit RAM® Tough balls (supports RAM accessories)
  • Dual trutrack™ front fins Dual detachable impact resistant fins
  • Multiple D-rings for attachments as well Cooler mount
  • 4 Rugged handles
  • Travel bag 
  • Dual station high volume pump


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Model: iStalker

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SKU: 000-3700-100-120-4

Fish Stalker - Inflatable Fishing Standup Paddle Board - The Paddle Fishing world has taken on a whole new perspective with a compact and portable vessel that opens up endless possibilities for on water access. The Fish Stalker inflatable is a unique catamaran hull with amazing stability without taking away from an efficient, effortless glide while sneaking into your favorite honey holes. Pack on a cooler and you are ready for a day long, solo session. Customize your rig using Ram mount Tough Balls or Scotty and have all your gear at your fingertips. Or, leave it all at home and enjoy the simple side of a day in the outdoors. Construction: inflatable military grade PVC, same construction as a Zodiac

Construction Composite Fiberglass
Attachment Points Threaded Inserts 8mm
Fins Included 2 + 1
Fin Box Center 10" + Dual Future
Hull Type Planing
Rider Weight Capacity 400
Speed Rating 7 out of 10
Durability Rating 7 out of 10
Stability Rating 10 out of 10
Capacity Rating 10 out of 10
Flatwater Rating 10 out of 10
Surf Rating 5 out of 10
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days

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