Care and Maintenance

4TheOutdoors brands of paddleboards are produced utilizing various different construction methods and materials. Although general care and maintenance requirements are, for the most part, common to all construction methods, some differences do exist that with proper care will further the life of each product. Below are general care and maintenance recommendations as well as requirements that are specific to each construction type.

General Recommendations

With proper care, your paddleboard will last for many seasons of riding pleasure. Here are a few tips that will help you take good care of your board. Sun and heat are the enemies! We highly recommend keeping your board in a padded board bag made with reflective or light-colored material when transporting and storing. Do not leave your board in a hot vehicle for any length of time as damage can occur. Boards can get hot enough in the sun to delaminate and/or soften up the adhesive on the deck pad, so try to keep them as cool as possible at all times.

Boards are not covered under warranty for damage caused by excessive heat or improper storage.

Do not forget to register your product with us on our Product Registration Page.

Winter storage? You may let the board freeze without damage. Your board is equipped with an air vent, and it is maintenance free. The air vent is fragile, so don’t mess with them!

If you’re in salt water, rinse with fresh water from time to time to eliminate salt crystal build-up.

Important! Do not store your board in a wet board bag, dry it out before leaving it in a bag for any length of time to avoid paint blisters and mold. When your board is not being used, place it deck-down on the beach. Inspect your board carefully. If you suspect that it has been hit on a rock or other hard object, or if you have run aground, and you determine that it will take on water, you must seal it before use! Plastic packing tape or epoxy putty can be used on small holes temporarily, but you should have the board repaired professionally as soon as possible. Duct tape is not recommended. Five-minute epoxy can be used in an emergency but it will have to be removed before a proper repair is done. If a fin box has any cracks that might allow water in, it should be replaced by a professional board repair shop.

Additional information is available on the individual brand websites at FAQ and FAQ. In addition, any 4TheOutdoors Dealer will be pleased to provide help and assistance in the care and maintenance of our SUP boards and paddles. 

Repair products for all LXV Brand boards can be purchased at

Installing the fin (single fin boards):

Slide the metal fin plate into the center slot in the fin box and slide it all the way to the front of the fin box using a screwdriver. Insert the back of the fin into the fin box and slide it to the desired location. Normally this will be right at the back of the box for flat water paddling. Putting the fin at the back of the fin box makes the board track straighter but harder to turn and vice versa for having the fin moved forward in the box.

  • Push the fin down into the box so that it is flush with the bottom of the board.
  • Slide the metal plate under the fin and line up the hole in the fin with the hole in the fin plate.
  • Insert the screw and tighten firmly (not too tight) and you’re ready to paddle!

If you are carrying loads, Tahoe SUP boards are specifically designed to carry heavier items on the back of the board and lighter items on the front.

thermoSUP™ Construction

thermoSUP™ is a patented hybrid construction made of thermoplastic and composite materials. This Construction makes for a durable abrasion resistant board making it virtually maintenance free. These materials together have a higher impact strength than a traditional composite fiberglass board and is easily polished or repaired if required. This construction is much lighter than polyethylene making thermoSUP™ one of the lightest on the market allowing lifting and transporting easy to manage.

Consideration for the environment has always been a part of LXV’s philosophy. thermoSUP™ is made from materials and a construction method that treads lightly on our planet.  Your thermoSUP™ board is designed to be as durable and maintenance-free as possible. However, there are some simple measures you can take to ensure that your paddleboard stays in the best condition possible giving you many years of use and enjoyment.

The KOREGUARD™ shell utilized on all our thermoSUP™ product resists against abrasion and harmful UV rays. All that is required is washing with soft cloth or sponge and warm soapy water. Whenever possible, avoid dragging your paddleboard on rough or rocky surfaces. If minor scuffs and abrasions do occur, we recommend the use of Novus or similar polishing products. NOTE: NEVER USE SOLVENTS SUCH AS ACETONE LACQUER THINNERS ON YOUR PADDLEBOARD AS THESE CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE THE FINISH OF YOUR BOARD.

After use in saltwater it is very important to thoroughly rinse your paddleboard with clean freshwater to prevent salt and grime build-up. Pay extra attention to the Gore-Tex vent located at the nose of your board. Please do not remove, but only clean with fresh water. It is always best to use board bag when traveling or storing your thermoSUP™ board. Keep board out of direct sunlight whenever possible to further prolong the life of your paddleboard.

Abrasions  Scratches and abrasions can be repaired by carefully wet sanding with 400 grit wet-dry sandpaper, followed by 600 grit. Use a cut polishing compound, such as Novus #2 or #3, to bring the finish back to its original high polish.

Cracks or Perforations  To repair a crack, begin by ensuring that the edges of the fracture is tight and aligned together so there is no gap and the surfaces are flush. Lightly sand KOREGUARD™ surface around crack. Use thermoSUP™ Repair (methyl methacrylate) to seal the crack using a tongue suppressor to smooth out. To repair a major crack lightly sand ABS around cracked area. Cut a piece of fiberglass cloth the appropriate size, which should extend to at least an inch beyond the damage. Saturate the cloth with Devcon plastic welder following the mixing directions on the package. Apply the saturated cloth to the damaged area and use a putty knife or flat tool to work out any air trapped in the cloth. Make sure you have enough adhesive to provide a good structure. After the repaired section is dried use 200 grit sandpaper then 400 grit to bring flat. Plastic paint can then be used to cover repaired area.

Fin Box  Your thermoSUP™ boards fin box is designed to break away before damaging the board. Fin box can easily be affixed back into boards formed slot using 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ DP8010 

Composite Construction

RINOtech, PINEWOODtech, BAMBOOtech, and CARBONtech are all considered epoxy composite constructions. These boards are constructed of a beaded foam core enclosed by an epoxy fiberglass skin and sometimes real wood veneers.  While this construction method allows for beautiful boards, it is more fragile and requires more care. Overexposure to the sun is your board’s worse enemy.  Although these boards are constructed of UV resistant materials, over exposure to the sun can cause the colors to fade. While this will not affect the performance of your board, it will tarnish the finish.

Overexposure to the sun can also cause what is called a delamination. Delamination happens when your boards foam core, which is mostly made up of air and other gasses, expands. This expansion

presses on the outside fiberglass layer and will cause it to separate from the foam core.  We highly recommend these paddleboards be stored out of sunlight and in a well-ventilated board bag. Board bags can be purchased thru your LXV Outdoor dealer or online at

Abrasions Scratches and abrasions can be repaired by carefully wet sanding with 400 grit wet-dry sandpaper, followed by 600 grit. Use an automobile cut polishing compound to bring the finish back to its original high polish.

Dings or cracks  A ding is a depression or crack in the fiberglass shell. Just like with your automobile, some dings in your board's fiberglass shell are bound to happen with regular use. A crack is a more serious problem. usually caused when the board comes in contact with a hard surface at a rapid speed. A crack may breach the seal between the fiberglass shell and foam core allowing water to enter the foam core. This situation is serious and board should be taken out of the water immediately and fixed. Small cracks can be fixed using “Solar res” . Large cracks will sometimes require a professional to repair. Boat repair shops or surfboard ding repair shops can normally fix this issue. Your local dealer may have information that can assist you on this as well.

Fin Box  Our composite boards all come with high density foam around our fin boxes. This creates a stronger than normal fin box. However, this fin box is not designed to depart from the board with impact. High impact will cause damage and expensive repairs only performed by a professional.

Water Damage If your board appears to be suffering from water damage to the foam core, inspect the surface of your board for dings or cracks in the fiberglass shell. If you discover a crack or ding in the fiberglass, take appropriate action described in the 'Dings' section above.



Stand up paddleboarding is a sport which carries inherent and unavoidable risks affected by factors such as the skill of the user, weather and water conditions, and care of the paddleboard. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING BEFORE USING THE PADDLEBOARD:

  • This board is NOT to be used as a life saving device so be sure that you are a competent swimmer.
  • The only intended use for the paddleboard is for paddling water.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, the weather condition, or any personal factors that may impact your ability to use the paddleboard safely. The air and water temperatures may change quickly. Please dress and prepare accordingly.
  • Paddles are used for the sole purpose of paddling.
  • We recommend that you attend introductory lessons (at minimum) taught by a qualified teaching professional to learn how to safely use a paddleboard, including how to board, fall safely, re-board, and send a distress signal.
  • At all times when paddleboarding, you should have safety items such as a lifejacket (and/or other PFD), sound signaling devices (e.g. a peerless whistle attached to a PFD), a surfer's leash, if appropriate. A flashlight/headlight is recommended for times of difficult visibility. Please consult any legal requirements set by your local jurisdiction/ federal requirements and the advice of a local qualified teaching professional regarding the use of the board. Rules and regulations for the safe operation of the board may vary between jurisdictions.  Please be aware that the use of a PFD may make it difficult to duck underwater if there is a chance the paddleboard may hit you.
  • We recommend that you always use a paddleboard with a group and be cautious of any potential collisions. Children should always be supervised by an adult with experience paddleboarding.
  • Always handle your board with care. Regularly check your paddleboard for potential damage or distress that may affect its effectiveness.



By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you affirm that you are aware that stand up paddleboarding has inherent risks which may result or be associated with serious injury or death.

By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you personally assume all risks involving the use thereof including, but not limited to, the risk of personal injury or death to yourself and others, as well as potential damage to property while using a paddleboard, whether negligent, intentional, foreseen or unforeseen.

By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you irrevocably and unconditionally agree to indemnify, defend and save harmless, release and promise to not bring a claim of any nature against, LXV Outdoor Inc. and its parent companies and affiliates and their respective employees, directors officers, agents, contractors, heirs, executors, estate trustees, personal representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties") with respect to any and all damages, losses and liabilities in any way arising, directly or indirectly, from any injury, death or other damages to yourself, your family, executors, heirs, personal representatives or assigns, other persons or any property arising out of or in association to your purchase and/or use of the paddleboard. By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you further release, exempt and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from any claim or lawsuit by you, your family, estate, heirs or assigns, arising out of your purchase and/or use of the paddleboard.

By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you understand that paddleboarding is a physically strenuous activity, that you will be exerting yourself, and that if you are injured as a result or in association of a heart attack, panic, dizziness, hyperventilation, drowning or any other cause, that you expressly assume the risk of said injuries and that you will not hold the Indemnified Parties responsible for the same.

By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you understand that your own physical and medical condition may affect the safe use of the paddleboard. By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you understand that the use of a paddleboard should be limited according to the instructions in the above Caution/Disclaimer, including the supervision of children by adults.

By purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you accept the paddleboard as is and accept full financial responsibility for the care of the paddleboard to a standard required for safe use.

As the purchase and/or use of the paddleboard is your voluntary act, by purchasing and/or using the paddleboard, you hereby agree that this indemnity, liability release and assumption of risk is a legally binding agreement on you and your heirs, executors, legal representatives and assigns. Any claim that you may bring must be filed in a Court in the Province of Ontario, Canada and shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada in all respects and you hereby irrevocably attorns to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Ontario, Canada with respect to any such claim and any matter arising thereunder.


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